Kuala Lumpur Mini Maker Faire 2017 will be held in The School Jaya One, Malaysia’s first Enrichment Mall. Here’s how you get here: https://kualalumpur.makerfaire.com/directions/

What is an Enrichment Mall?

You may feel a little unaccustomed when you first browse The School. But that’s ok. We aren’t like other malls. For starters, we care about better education and we care about your needs as a parent.

That’s why more than a third of the establishments at The School are places for learning. We share your sentiment about the state of public schooling. We wish learning was more enriching, challenging in the right way, and more fun.

Now it can be.

We partnered with the best learning and enrichment centres that are perfect for supplementing your child’s education needs.

But what if you do want to shop, relax and indulge a little?

We’ve thought hard about what moms, and dads need when they go to a mall.

Space, comfort, safety, and convenience; that’s what you’ll keep finding as you experience The School. We invite you to explore the space and give us your feed

Built for you

The design of The School is “child-led”. Every access point, corner, and nook was designed with parent and child in mind. Need to do a diaper change? Head to the Mom’s Room. Dads have a place to crash too, and it’s equipped with WiFi, TV, lounge chairs, and of course a space for nappy changes. We know driving moms always have a bundle of stuff such as groceries and strollers to unload, so we’ve made it easier with special parking bays for mothers.

Mom’s Room

Dad’s Room


  • Spacious nappy change area
  • Private breastfeeding room
  • Play area for kids
  • Microwave and wash basin
  • Spacious 340 sq. ft
  • Kids’ play area
  • TV with kids’ channels
  • Seating for adults
  • Nappy change area with microwave
  • Universal access
  • Disabled and wheelchair assistance
  • Parking assistance for elderly and disabled

Designated Parking
For Mom


Break-out Area

  • Safe and secure
  • Strollers request
  • Jockey services
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable site planning and management
  • A smarter play-system
  • Designed to challenge cognitive skills
  • Encourages kids to create their space