Vincent Kok is a Maker, an Intel Malaysia Software Engineer, graduated from USM Electronic Engineering. Vincent actively involves himself with the Maker’s community, as well as attending Maker Faire held in other parts of the world – Shenzen, Singapore, Tokyo Taipei and etc. Designing electronics hardware kits and giving soldering classes for beginners are some of his favorite ways to benefit extra time he has.


Since 2014, Vincent has attended various Maker Faire around the world, meeting with lots of new friends and ideas that the Makers community is doing in different country.


To Vincent, Maker is a person that makes or produces something. Throughout the making process, it instill critical thinking and hands on approach to problem solving.

Maker Faire Shenzen 2014 has been a great kick-start for Vincent to be involved in all the local and international Maker Faire and maker movement. He met with Dale Dougherty, founder and CEO of Maker Media, which publishes MAKE magazine and organizes Maker Faire, which then inspired him a lot and continue to meet and discuss ideas with Dale at Maker Faire Singapore and Tokyo!

Since then, Vincent started to involve himself and also support the local maker movement in Malaysia by becoming part of the Penang Mini Maker Faire organizing team and some other local event such as World Arduino Day 2014.

Vincent do also went back to his high school and share about making to his fellow juniors and get them inspire. According to Johnson Lam, Founder of KakiDIY Dot Com, Vincent has been an great inspiration to himself and also other makers around Malaysia and SEA with his passion of Making and contributing to the community. Vincent along with his community VK Electronics had been very supportive of KakiDIY’s initiatives since day one, especially in PCB and Events.


Vincent learns how to make his own PCB few years back from his senior in USM.

After few attempts on DIY PCB, Vincent made his very first industrial grade PCB, LCD Shield. It’s actually just a simple shield which feature four important functions – a 2 line by 16 character plug-in ASCII LCD, an active beeper, a DS1307 RTC clock IC with 3V coin cell battery to maintain timekeeping when power is off and three momentary contact tactile switches. This shield is sold to customers in the local as well as international market – Netherlands and United State!

Now, Vincent is co-leading the Intel Malaysia Makers club and supporting the internal and external workshops – in Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair, Penang International Science Fair and other local events, continuing to inspire the next generation with making spirit and culture.

KLESF 2016 – Intel Genuino 101 Workshop

PISF 2016 – Intel Genuino 101 Workshop

Chung Shan School Maker Faire®

Women In Zcience 2017

Han Chiang High School Maker’s Club Launching Ceremony


Intel Malaysia Makers’ Open Day


THANK YOU and see you during first ever Kuala Lumpur Mini Maker Faire! Check out VK Electronics :